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Do you know how to cook delicious and healthy foods that will burn excess fats in your body? Of course, it will be challenging if you don’t know how to go about the mixing of spices that will quickly reduce the amount calories. If you are in that category, it is important now for you to know healthy recipes for weight loss that will enable you to cook a delicious meal that are quick burners of fats in your body. If you use these healthy recipes for weight loss correctly, you can obtain that slim body of your choice just within three months.

Below are some of the recipes

For you to lose weight quickly, you should always eat foods rich in fiber and proteins since they increase the metabolic reactions which will keep you satisfied all day long in return.

Feta Omelet and Broccoli in full Toast.

healthy recipes for weight loss


Did you know that this is the best meal for your breakfast? The most loved healthy recipe for weight loss should be yummy, easy to fix and to digest. It takes just 15 minutes for this food to be digested leaving your body with enough energy with satisfaction all day long. Broccoli is rich in fiber which increases your appetite for proteins reducing your cravings for food early in the morning.

Spiced Green Tea Smoothie.

healthy recipes for weight loss 1


Most people love green tea since it has EGCG compound which increases metabolic rates significantly. Why do you think most people are addictive in using green tea! You will enjoy a hot cup of green tea with a rich smoothie which contains natural spices with a lot of nutritional benefits. With such a simple meal, you will remain full for a long time before craving for another meal.

Banana with Butter Toast.



You should always plan to start your day with this simple but delicious meal. It is easy to prepare, and its taste will keep you motivated to start the day off. Bananas are well known to be resistant to reactions involving starch. This reaction increases the rate of metabolic reactions. Research has shown that just one slice of Banana with Butter Toast contains only 280 calories, but it will sustain you until lunch break.

Grilled Chicken with Summer Succotash.



Losing body weight requires right meals and this will burn almost 300 calories in a day. A combination of chicken with summer succotash will help you lose a lot of fats helping you have that slim body faster. Which other healthy recipes for weight loss would beat the delicious effect of this?

Curried Egg Salad Sandwich.



Most people love eggs due to its tasty quality. I know you do too. Eating curried egg salad sandwich is a great way to start your day, the eggs will provide abundant proteins to suppress your appetite longer. Additionally, eggs contain low amounts of calories.

Weight loss starts with the reduced amount of food consumed. The above healthy recipes for weight loss will enable you to enjoy your meals throughout the day at the same time reduce the number of calories you consume daily. These meals will help you to have a slim body of your choice without going to the gym.




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