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When your goal is extreme weight loss, it is very easy to get lost in the plethora of guides online. Some of them are unrealistic and can make you just settle for your weight. Don’t despair though, there is always a way out. Look at it this way, the reason some of those plans you tried never worked is because, all bodies function differently and unless you find a plan that is customized for you, you might never realize your desired result.

You want a meal plan for extreme weight loss, right? The first thing you should do is to avoid anything that tells you to starve. That plan might seem like its working the next time you stand on your weighing scale and it budges. Truth is, you will only lose water and mass and not fat. The culprit here is excess fat so the rule is to eat your way to extreme weight loss. Sounds better now, right? Right. Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty. A meal plan just like any other plan is a rule book that you should abide by. This one will be easy and flexible; losing weight will start feeling like a game.

Ready? Go.

 1.Breakfast: meal plan for extreme weight loss


Did you know that the amount of weight loss hormones in your blood, is highest in the morning? Now you do. That means that you wake up each day ready to face your monster. You will need to boost this by incorporating a meal plan for extreme weight loss which includes a breakfast full of proteins and fiber. Why? They will deliver the right energy you need to keep you going the whole day without snacking around and keep you full the whole day. The trick here is to eat like a king in the morning.

Think of eggs, avocados, smoothies, whole wheat bread, yogurt, muffins, butter and even cheese. Don’t overdo it though, just make sure the protein and fiber content is high and you are good to go.


 2.Lunch for extreme weight loss


Lunch is as important as breakfast if your meal plan for extreme weight loss is to work. Why? Your body goes into a starvation mode after every four hours. So, what happens when you skip lunch is that your body starts saving up by converting calories into fat for storage. You need to go ahead of your fat brain by eating something fours after breakfast. Anything below 440 calories will be perfect.


 3.Light dinner


If you think skipping dinner is okay since you will be sleeping anyway; you are wrong. This will lower your metabolism rate which will result in your body stocking up some fat instead of losing. So? Just ensure that you indulge in light meals to keep your meal plan for extreme weight loss functional. Anything from grilled salmon, roast beef melt and the biggest of all, mushroom soup. Mushroom is not just yummy; it is your best friend when it comes to weight loss.



Don’t just smile yet. This is not to say that you can indulge in your old habit of eating every time. A snack should be healthy and less than 200 calories. Whether it is peanuts, chocolates, non-fat yogurt or just fruit juice, do it right and in between meals to follow the 4 by 4. What? It means that you need to eat four times in a day, four hours apart. Isn’t that a perfect meal plan for extreme weight loss?


The Big Secret of the perfect meal plan for extreme weight loss.

Everything above seems like your everyday routine. Here is the catch though. For this meal plan to work, you have to check your calories. Remember that taking too much will add you fat and too little will plunge you into a starvation mode. The point is to ensure that you increase your metabolic rate and burn fat that is already stored. The portions on your plate should include ½ vegetable,1/4 proteins, and ¼ starch. Whatever you settle on, make sure it is good protein, has high good fat content and loads of fiber.

There isn’t one perfect recipe, once you know what to look out for, how you blend it out is up to you. Don’t forget to drink up all day and get moving to speed up the fat burning process. You will need water before meals and every second that you breathe. It increases your metabolism and keeps you hydrated and energetic.


The perfect meal plan for extreme weight loss doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. Anything else might leave you with an ashy and saggy skin, looking emaciate or even poor eyesight. Practical methods like this one will have you loving every bit of you and your body will corporate with you towards losing weight. Stop stressing about it and eat your way to your perfect weight.

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