How to Lose Weight Quickly and Effectively

how to lose weight quickly and effectively
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Whether you want to get your pre-baby body back or get your sexy back to fit into those jeans that hang at the furthest end of your closet, weight loss might sound like rocket science to you. You have tried every formula by the book only to give up halfway through and gain more weight. Probably, you have concluded that looking good isn’t a thing for you. You feel cheated and robbed by all those weight loss pills you bought. All they did were make your stretch marks more visible and leave you broke. If this sounds like you, then read on. Is there something they are not telling you?

Yes! That those painful ways actually don’t work in the long run. Unless you only want to lose weight for prom night or to fit into your wedding dress, then pile up again. Losing weight effectively means losing weight quickly for the long term and in a healthy way. You only need to tweak your routine a little and trick your mind. Here are science-backed ways on how to lose weight quickly and effectively;


1. Eat up and Drink Up some more


lose weight quickly and effectively

Yes, you heard me right. Ditch every book that told you that you have to skip meals and stay hungry to lose weight. Eat until you are full. Where is the catch? The trick is to ensure that you lose weight quickly without feeling hungry. It works this way; Fill your plate with protein, fat, vegetables and fiber and cut back sugars and starches. Reducing your sugar and high carb intake reduces the production of insulin. The hormone responsible for fat storage. Result? You will be reducing the amount of fat you are storing so that you can focus on losing the fat you have gained. The former will make you feel full for longer without loading your body with extra calories. This will reduce your appetite for snacking regularly.

So what about drinking?

lose weight quickly and effectively

Please don’t start toasting your beer cup now! Take a glass of water instead. Did you know that sometimes that feeling of hunger could only be thirst? Well, take a glass of water thirty minutes before meals. Doing this reduces the space left for food. This controls against overeating. It also increases metabolism after eating meaning that more food will be used up instead of being stored up. Try this and you will lose 44% in a span of three months. Sounds easy right? Try it! It might be the perfect way for you to lose weight quickly and effectively.

2. Get moving

lose weight quickly and effectively

If you cannot get 30 minutes to hit the gym or lack the grace to do cardio till you sweat blood, don’t kill yourself over it. Just get moving. You can dance as you wash the dishes, walk to the grocery store, and walk to your happy hour spot with your colleagues after work instead of taking a cab. Go up the stairs daily, jog lightly as you watch TV,   and take your dog out for a walk every evening. You could also play hide and seek with your kids. The point is to get fired up and move. Sounds doable right? Here is the twist, if you want faster results, you can try sprinting for 20 minutes over a lunch hour and do a 20-minute high-intensity workout once in a while. The trick here is to increase your metabolism and burn more calories.

3.  Clean out your closet

Every purge activity needs a support system. This is the support system that keeps your weight loss discipline in check. People always eat what they find within their radius. Remember those bad food hidden on your top shelf? You probably told yourself that you will never touch those but once in a while, you throw that promise into the bin. Remove all high carb food, high-calorie liquids, kick out bad habits like smoking and alcohol intake.  Replace them with beneficial foods and activities. If you love yoga, this is the best way to create harmony between your stomach, your mind, and your goals. A few minutes of quiet time will remind you of your goal and give you the image you like to see in your mind. A good night sleep is also very important in creating a natural balance in your body and creating a healing system. Part of the big plan. The sweet and effortless way to lose weight quickly and effectively.

Bottom line

Sometimes looking in the mirror can make you feel like having some extra weight is the worst thing in the world. Truth is, there are worst things. So as easy as that sounds, love yourself enough to make a plan and follow these simple but workable ways.This is the best answer to your question of how to lose weight quickly and effectively. Rome was not built in one day but we love it. It may not be easy, but this is the simplest it can get.

Learn more about how to reduce weight by following some weight management programmes, stay tuned for our next articles.




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